Sunday, 5 June 2011

Milani - Rad Purple

Good evening! :)
Tonight I have the only Milani I own - Rad Purple. I have seen some blogger's have mixed reviews on this one and I still think I'm on the fence.
It is suppose to be a neon, but I wouldn't describe it as that. I do really love the colour, but I had a hard time evening it out. I kept getting bald spots. However, when the formula wanted to behave, it looked lovely. A deep purple jelly that dries to a satin-y finish.
It is nice and shiny when I applied my Seche to it.

I took a picture with and without top coat to show you each finish.

3 coats; natural light; no topcoat
3 coats; natural light; top coat

I hate how Milani neon's have opaque bottles, especially when the colour is far from matching the actual colour of the polish! Still lovely, regardless.

What are your favourite neon's from Milani? Enjoy the rest of your night :)


  1. I like this! Your nails are like perfect, too! :)
    I have Fresh Teal and I like it. It's super pigmented so it only needs two coats. I agree with you on the bottle color, I don't really like them opaque like that.

  2. Thank-you! :)
    I did really like the colour, I just wish it was more to the bottle colour! I haven't seen Fresh Teal, but I'll have to check it out!