Wednesday, 22 June 2011

American Apparel - Malibu Green

Hey all!

Another dark, dreary day. Boo. So, to make me feel a bit better, I have been indulging in the new show, The Glee Project. Have you guys seen it? I'm a huge Gleek, and this show is not disappointing me. There's one girl on it that I can see winning (Lindsay), and I can really see her playing a character who tries to become the new queen B and knock Quinn Fabray off her high horse and really give her a run for her money! (Like I said, total Gleek).

Anyway, today I have another AA polish (in case you can't tell, I really love them, ha!). This one is Malibu Green, a  bright, vivid green-y turquoise cream that stains your fingers really bad! My fault for not putting a base coat on, tsk tsk.

I got full coverage in 2 coats, and no problems with the formula, but then again I never do!

Are you guys sold on this polish? It's not one of my favourites from AA, but I still like it. Plus, I have a shirt that matches this exact colour!

Also, I'm going away to Niagara Falls for a couple days, so I won't have any new posts, but I will when I return! Have a great couple of days. :)

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